Attending a museum is a great experience for family members of all ages, which is why you should bring your family to the Booth Museum in Cartersville, Georgia this holiday season. Every family member, from young children to grandparents, will enjoy our exhibits, learn new ideas, and create great memories to cherish for many years to come. Open since August 2003, the 120,000 square foot Booth Museumis the only museum of its kind in the Southeast and was named the 2016 Escape to the Southeast Travel Attraction of the Year from the Southeast Tourism Society. Conveniently located just one hour from Atlanta, GA and Chattanooga, TN, The Booth Museum makes a perfect day trip for families. You can explore a variety of other nearby Cartersville attractions or simply spend the whole day at the Booth Museum, exploring contemporary Western artwork, multiple galleries (including a Presidential Gallery; Civil War art gallery; and Sagebrush Ranch, an interactive children’s gallery), as well as a variety of special events and temporary exhibits.

Current Exhibits and Events

  • Treasures from the Frederic Remington Art Museum and Beyond (now through January 13, 2019) This comprehensive showcase of Remington’s work and by far the largest and most important gathering of his work ever in the South. This exhibit includes over 60 original pieces of Remington’s work—spanning his career and in all of his various media:bronze sculpture(including Remington’s first bronze The Bronco Buster—considered one of the most enduring images of the American West), paintings, illustrations, watercolors and even his writings.
  • Presidential Project / Commanders in Chief by Ross Rossin(now through 2019) The family of Harry and Brenda Patterson purchased Ross Rossin’s 13’ x 20′ masterpiece of the United States Presidents of the 20th century which is located in front of the Presidential Gallery on the second floor of the museum. Recently, the couple commissioned the artist to create two additional canvassesthat will include every President of the United States up to, and including, Donald Trump. When completed, the three paintings will remain at the Booth Museum, with plans to travel as an exhibit throughout the United States in 2020.
  • East/West Visions: Scott Christensen & Quang Ho (now through January 20, 2019) This exhibition brings together two of the country’s top landscape painters, highlighting both the similarities and differences in their styles.
  • 15th Annual Kids Cowboy Up! (now through January 6, 2019) This annual exhibit offers visitors the opportunity to view artwork in a variety of media by members of the Cartersville Boys & Girls Club and the Hands of Christ After School Program.
  • Bob Kolbrener: 50 years in the West (December 1, 2018 through June 2, 2019) This retrospective of Bob Kolbrener’s black and white photography will showcase his extensive body of work on the American West, all created in the “old fashioned way” by using large format cameras and fiber-based prints. Having trained under Ansel Adams, Kolbrener captures breathtaking ephemeral moments in nature along with other powerful scenes with his signature wit, insight, and sometimes humor.

Plan Your Visit to the Booth Museum This Holiday Season 

Make this holiday season even more memorable for you and your family with a visit to the Booth Museum. Check out our calendar and plan your visit today!