The family of Harry and Brenda Patterson purchased Rossin’s 13’ x 20′ masterpiece of the United States Presidents of the 20th century which is located in front of the Presidential Gallery on the second floor of the museum. Recently, the couple commissioned the artist, Ross Rossin, to create two additional canvasses that will include every President of the United States up to, and including, Donald Trump. Harry Patterson is a patriot, a US veteran of the Vietnam War, who wishes to honor US Presidents, who serve as Commander in Chief, and show gratitude to the thousands of military members who return from duty with the invisible wounds of war – PTSD – as he does. Three paintings that comprise the project will remain at the Booth Museum, with plans to travel as an exhibit throughout the US in 2020.

See the latest progress on painting # 3

Ross R Rossin (born Rossen Raytchev Raykov) is a Bulgarian-American artist known for his large-scale, realist portraits of modern and historical figures. You can visit his website  Click Here for More on Rossin