Staying at home with the kids? The Booth Museum has some fun and educational ideas for the entire family!



 Family Guides and Flip Books For Our Current Exhibitions

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The Jackson Hole 5: Important Painters from the West

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© Amy Ringholz, Cloudburst, 2019,  Graphite and Acrylic Wash on panel

New Beginnings: An American Story of Romantics and Modernists in the West

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© Willard Nash, Springtime, Santa Fe, c. 1920

Middle and High School Art Exhibition

These students worked so hard we wanted everyone to enjoy the wonderful art exhibition in the safety of your home.

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Art Activities

Booth Museum’s Director of Education Patty Dees highlights a piece of artwork from the Booth’s collection and reads passages from The Seed and the GIANT Saguaro.

Join Education Outreach Coordinator, Lynnette Ivey for an art lesson on how to draw a saguaro cactus! 🌵 Post your cactus on Facebook tag us #boothmuseum

CLICK HERE to download instructions on drawing your own Saguaro cactus.

Feel like you need a pop of creativity? Try these art projects inspired by the Booth Museum’s exhibition Warhol and the West.  Try these fun art projects at home CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE  and CLICK HERE to begin your projects today.


Presidential Fashion has changed so much over the last 240+ years! What do you think presidents will be wearing 50 years from now?  CLICK HERE to learn more about the history of Presidential fashion.

Artists have been painting portraits of the presidents of the United States ever since George Washington became our country’s first president! It is important that presidential portraits make the president look like a confident, brave, and capable leader. CLICK HERE to learn how to begin drawing a president.

Do you know which president was the first to talk to an astronaut on the moon? CLICK HERE for more facts and games featuring all the presidents!. CLICK HERE to play Presidential trivia game.

Creating Camelot

In 2017, the Booth Museum hosted a wonderful exhiition “Creating Camelot: The Kennedy Photography of Jacques Lowe that featured intimate, behind-the-scenes images of John F. Kennedy and his family.  Although this exhibit is not on view at the Museum we thought you may like to see some of these images.   CLICK HERE to view the family guide to Creating Camelot.


Peace Medals

Peace medals have been used as a symbol of friendship and goodwill for hundreds of years. When European countries first began colonizing the New World, they would give
the leaders of native groups a medal or token as a gift, in hopes of a peaceful relationship.  CLICK HERE to find out more about peace medals.

Western Fun Activities

Howdy, partner! CLICK HERE to download this booklet of games, puzzles and activities all inspired by the Wild West.

Ready to try your hand at rounding up cattle? CLICK HERE to try helping ranch hand Rodeo Joe with building his new fence inspired by slitherlink puzzles. CLICK HERE for the puzzle solution.  

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