Speakers Bureau

Booth Museum offers a variety of experts who can speak on a wide range of topics, whether for news stories, as a guest speaker at a civic club, or other needs.

Please contact the Marketing Department at (770) 387-2833 or by email at marketing@boothmuseum.org to get in touch with one of our experts.


Seth Hopkins
Executive Director

  • General information about Booth Museum
  • Events/Exhibitions at Booth Museum
  • Museum management and operations
  • History of Western art
  • Contemporary versus traditional Western art
  • Contemporary Civil War art
  • American illustrators
  • Meet the presidents, interesting facts and insights revealed in their letters
  • Managing a radical shift in careers
  • Chuck wagon cooking and Dutch oven cooking
  • Andy Warhol and the West
  • Ansel Adams photography
  • Frederick Remington in bronze and paint

Seth Hopkins’ episode on The American Art Collective podcast

Grace Adams 
Director of Marketing

  • General information about Booth Museum
  • Events/Exhibitions at Booth Museum
  • Media Contact
  • Photos
  • Press Releases

Leslie McMillan
Director of Development

  • General information about Booth Museum
  • Events/Exhibitions at Booth Museum
  • Fundraising for non-profits
  • Major gifts
  • Annual giving
  • Planned giving
  • Campaign management

Jim Dunham
Director of Special Projects

  • General Information about the Booth Museum
  • The Origins of Western Art
  • Western Art Today
  • Plains Indian Culture
  • Cowboys and Cattle-towns
  • Reel to Real (Western movies and American history)

Patty Dees
Director of Education

  • General information about Museum Education
  • Careers in Museums/Museum Education
  • Managing a Museum Education Department
  • Curriculum Design for School Programming
  • Marketing Museum Education Programs
  • Video Conferencing for Museums
  • Marketing Video Conferencing for Museums

Shanna Smith
Membership Manager

  • General Information about the Booth Museum
  • Membership 101
  • Membership Marketing
  • Membership Communication
  • Event Planning

Kent Mullinax
Booth Art Academy Manager

  • Summer Art Camp Coordination
  • Adult Art Workshop Coordination
  • After-School Art Class Coordination
  • Graffiti vs Street Art Comparison and Art Project
  • Coordinating Artist Visits to Schools

Lisa Wheeler
Director of Curatorial Services

  • Current and upcoming exhibitions
  • Exhibition design and layout
  • Collection management