Volunteers have a wide variety of opportunities to put their skills to good use. Duties can include:

  • Art Activities (assist children with various art activities)
  • Floater (help out as needed weekdays, weekends, and special museum events)
  • Gallery Host (greet guests as they enter a gallery)
  • Library Assist (help with various projects in the Research Library)
  • Museum Events (Cowboy Festival, Chuckwagon Gathering, Gala, etc require volunteer help)
  • Security Assist (be stationed in a temporary exhibit requiring someone be present at all times)
  • Station Assistant (helping with school programs weekdays)
  • Store Assist (bagging, putting stickers on bags, etc in the museum store)

Volunteer Requirements (18+):

  • Completed Volunteer application
  • Pass a background check
  • Commit to working an average of 4 hours a month
  • Have a positive attitude, enjoy meeting new people and helping “Share America’s Story!”

Requirements for Teenage Volunteers (15 – 17):

  • Completed Volunteer application
  • Supply 2 Letters of Reference
  • Commit to working 24 hours a year

Teenaged volunteers can help with art activities, museum events, and much more! Volunteer time is tracked by the Volunteer Coordinator and provided upon request.