Permanent Exhibitions 

Booth Museum’s permanent collection contains Western art, Civil War art, Presidential letters and portraits. Galleries change as items need “rest” and new works are rotated in to the display. Due to the rotation of the artwork, each visit to the Museum brings new discoveries as there is always something new to see.

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Temporary Exhibitions

Booth Museum hosts a number of temporary exhibitions throughout the year in the Museum’s three temporary exhibition galleries. On the upper level of the Museum, the Special Exhibition Gallery holds three to five major exhibitions per year. This gallery is the largest of the temporary spaces and exhibitions in this gallery typically last three to four months. Also located on the upper level of the Museum is the Temporary Exhibition Gallery. This gallery holds three to four exhibitions a year, with each exhibition lasting two to three months. The Borderlands Gallery, on the lower level of the Museum, showcases small focused exhibitions from the permanent collection or temporary exhibitions of student artwork and artwork by members of the Booth Artists Guild and Booth Photography Guild.

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The Booth Collection

Learn more about the Booth Collection by visiting the Online Catalog where you can search for art in the collection by your favorite Western or Civil War artist and see related materials in the Booth Library. Find out which artists are represented in the Booth Collection on the Artists page. Booth Museum also offers information on donating to the collection and appraisals.