Current Exhibitions

Laura Wilson: That Day

Through April 29 – Special Exhibition Gallery

Laura Wilson was first introduced to the art world through her work assisting Richard Avedon on his monumental Western project. She has since gone on to have a major photography career of her own. This body of work represents the highlights of her career, including such Western subjects as rodeo, Western movie making, and small town football. The exhibition showcases more than 60 large scale images.

Image: © Laura Wilson, Hand and Spur, Y-6 Ranch, Valentine, Texas

Z.Z. Wei: Shadow Stories

Through June 10, 2018 – Temporary Exhibition Gallery

Born and educated in China, Z.Z. Wei’s views of America allow us to see the hopefulness of a newcomer. His paintings transport us to a place where time stands still. His compositions portray quiet, yet powerful images reminiscent of a whimsical, rural America. Richly complex, they are filled with humor and loneliness, peacefulness and pain. They balance half in shadow, half in light, tempting us to experience a unique and timeless look at life. Z.Z. Wei will be the featured artist for the 2018 Southeastern Cowboy Gathering with the opening reception on March 8, 2018.

Image: © Z.Z. Wei, White Barn, 2015, oil on canvas, 72 x 72″

GA Wildlife Artists in SEWE:
Southeastern Wildlife Exposition

Through March 11 – Borderlands Gallery

Thirteen Georgia Wildlife artists who exhibit work at the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition (SEWE) in Charleston each year will be featured in this exhibit of both paintings and sculpture. Participating artists include: Laura Adams, Bucky Bowles, Broderick Crawford, Peggy Everett, Millie Gosch, Jane Ingols, Jay Kemp, David Lanier, Carl McCleskey, Jan Perkins, Ken Wallin, Peggy Watkins, and Chris Wilson. Learn more about SEWE by clicking here.

Image: © Jan Perkins, Wisdom, egg tempera on silk, 12 x 16″

Zoë Urness: Keeping the Traditions Alive

Through May 27 – Picturing America Gallery

Zoë Urness uses her art to help preserve the traditions of indigenous people. As a Tlingit Native, her images serve to connect the old ways to the modern day realities of the Native world.

Image: © Zoë Urness, The Boys, 120mm on archival paper

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