Action in Art (grade K-1) 2 hours ELAGSE1RL7, ELAGSE1W8, ELAGSE8SL1a, b, ELAGSE1SL1a,b,c; ELAGSE1SLb Using the artwork, students will exercise their skills of making predictions using exciting action and descriptive language. Students will compare and contrast the action they describe in the artwork, retell stories, and utilize visual literacy skills to learn to “read” a painting. A visit to Sagebrush Ranch, our interactive educational play space, is also included! Hands-on activities and interactive storytelling make this sure to please! Wild Ride (grades 2-3) 2 hours ELAGSE2RL1, ELAGSE2RL2, ELAGSE2RL3, ELAGSE2SL3; ELAGSE3RL1, ELAGSE3RL2, ELAGSE3RL3, ELAGSE3SL3, ELAGSE2SL6 Explore stories through works of art including fables from diverse cultures, folktales/tall tales, and fairy tales. Identify characters and lessons or morals of stories. A visit to Sagebrush Ranch, our interactive educational play space, is also included! A TEACHER FAVORITE! Story Detectives (grades 4-5) 2 hours ELAGSE4RL1,2,3 ; ELAGSE4SL2,4, ELAGSE4SLA, ELAGSE4R11,12,15; ELAGSE4RL7; ELAGSE5RL2,3; ELAGSE5SL2,4; ELAGSE5SLA, ELAGSE5R12,13; ELAGSE5R15,16,17 Through in-depth examination of selected artwork, students will identify, compare, and contrast characters, settings and plots. Inferences, analysis, and predictions regarding relationships or interactions come to life with the use of visual literacy skills. Full STEAM Ahead! (grades 4 – 8) 90 minutes – 2 hours Meets Next Generation Science Standards and Visual Arts Standards! This popular program incorporates interactive challenges in areas of engineering and math; 21st Century Learning Skills of Creativity, Collaboration, Innovation; students construct “working” stage coaches! LANGUAGE ARTS STEAM SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, ART, & MATHEMATICS