The Union Dissolved - American Presidents & the Civil War (grades 4 and 8) 2 hours SS4H5b, SS4H5c, SS4H5d, SS4H5e; SS4E1b, SS4E1c; SS8H5a, SS8H5b, SS8H6 From the Founding Fathers to Fort Sumter, to Appomattox Court House, explore the presidents and underlying causes of the Civil War. A hands-on art project is included for 4th grade. Reconstruction is highlighted for 8th grade. Presented jointly with the Bartow History Museum Presidents and Heroes (grades 3-5) 2 hours SS3CG1a, SS3CG1c, SS4H1b, SS4H1d, SS4CG3a, SS5H1c, SS5H3a, SS5H3c, SS5H4b,c,d; SS5H6b,c; SS5H7a Discover key information about presidents through activities involving photographs, fact sheets, and hand signed letters from each president. Topics include branches of the government as well as primary and secondary documents. SOCIAL STUDIES