My First Visit (Pre-K-K) 70 minutes NEW GSE Standards (grade K): Creating, Responding, Presenting and Connecting GELDS Standards (grade Pre-K): PDM, SED, APL, CLL, CD Animals or Cowboys of the West Choose one of these topics as your focus for a first-time visit to an art museum! Learn about art through observation, discussion, and hands-on activities. Each student will create an original work of art and visit our interactive play area, Sagebrush Ranch! Booth Blazers (grades 2-12) 2 hours NEW GSE VISUAL ARTS Standards: Responding, Presenting and Connecting This program highlights art throughout the Museum! See both traditional and contemporary artwork from the 1800’s to today featuring American Indians, cowboys, explorers, presidents, soldiers, and much more. Notable artists include Fredric Remington, Charlie Russell, Thomas Hart Benton, Maynard Dixon, and Andy Warhol. Grades 2-5 includes a hands-on experience with an art project! A TEACHER FAVORITE! VISUAL ARTS