Rhythms & Rhymes of the American Cowboy album


Rhythms & Rhymes of the American Cowboy, a curated album of themed music and poetry produced by multi-Grammy winning producer Brent Maher, is set to be released July 23, to coincide with the National Day of the Cowboy. Sponsored by Booth Western Art Museum, the project features poetry recitations by “Cowboy James” Edwards and music by the all-star band Maher created for the album.

The album is intended to be both educational and entertaining, exposing people to the genre of cowboy poetry and reviving interest in classic cowboy songs. The songs and poems included in the project are a celebration of the American cowboy and the music that made him both famous and infamous; and still keeps this iconic figure relevant today.  The project will only be available as a limited-edition CD or direct digital download, and later as a vinyl LP. It will not be available on music streaming services. Stay tuned for details on purchasing options!