2017-2018 School Program Information



Explore the American West through the paintings, sculptures and objects in Booth Western Art Museum’s collection. Spend time in the Civil War Gallery or the Carolyn & James Millar Presidential Gallery featuring portraits, notable facts and an original signed letter by each United States President.

Student tour programs are designed to meet Georgia Performance Standards and Georgia Standards of Excellence in language arts, social studies and visual arts while engaging student’s critical and creative thinking skills. Science and Next Generation Science Standards are supported through our STEAM program. Discover the array of curriculum-based programs and field trip opportunities available to students throughout the year and take your students on a field trip they will always remember.

2017-2018 School Program Guide

SR Horse

School Program Prices:

  • $5.00 for students (3-17 years of age) or student with ID
  • $4.00 for Bartow, Cherokee & Forsyth county students
  • $6.00 for students (3-17 years of age) for The Union Dissolved program and STEAM program
  • $10.00 + tax for parents / chaperones
    • If a parent or chaperone is a Booth Museum Member = Free
  • Educators and bus drivers with system identification = Free
  • $5.00 for students in Home School Groups (3-17 years of age)
    • One adult is admitted free with every 15 home school students
    • Home school siblings under 3 years old are free


American Indians: Culture and Contributions (grade 3)  2 hours        
Learn about American Indian Cultures from the Northwest Coast to the Eastern Woodlands through an interactive exploration of American Indian art and artifacts! Explore a map to determine the movement patterns of American Indians over the course of time, compare and contrast environments (food, clothing, shelter), and discuss how American Indians continue to contribute to American life. Economic principles of trade and voluntary exchange are also highlighted. Supporting the NEW GSE Standards in Social Studies SS3H1, SS3H2a, SS3H2c, SS3G3a, SS3E3+ Map and Information Processing Skills!

The American Indian Experience (grade 8) 2 hours
Explore Cherokee life before and after the Trail of Tears through museum art and artifacts; learn about removal of the Cherokee though a mock trial of Worcester v. Georgia; discuss Right of Discovery, trade culture, Dahlonega Gold Rush and more in this interactive program! Presented jointly with the Bartow History MuseumSupporting the NEW GSE Standards in Social Studies SS8H1, SS8H4 + Map and Information Processing Skills.

Westward Ho! (grades 4 and 5) 2 hours – TEACHER FAVORITE!
Discover who explored and settled the American West and determine the impact Westward Expansion had on the lives of the pioneers and American Indians! Program includes: Lewis & Clark, Sacagawea, mountain men, pioneers, cattle drives, a hands-on trading game, and more! SS4H3b, SS4H3c, SS4G2b, SS4E1;  SS5H1a, SS5G1a, SS5E1b

The Union Dissolved- American Presidents and the Civil War (grades 4 and 8) 2 hours
From the Founding Fathers to Fort Sumter, to Appomattox Court House, explore the presidents and underlying causes of the Civil War. Hands-on art project is included for 4th grade; Reconstruction is highlighted for 8th grade. Presented jointly with the Bartow History Museum. SS4H5b, SS4H5c; SS4H5d, SS4H5e;  SS4E1b, SS4E1c;  SS8H5a, SS8H5b, SS8H6

Click here to view/download the Union Dissolved Teacher Resource Guide

Presidents and Heroes (grades 3-5) 2 hours
Discover key information about presidents through activities involving lithographs/photographs, fact sheets and  hand signed letters from each president.  Topics may include branches of the government as well as primary and secondary documentsSS3CG1a, SS3CG1c, SS4H1b, SS4H1d, SS4CG3a, SS5H1c, SS5H3a, SS5H3c, SS5H4b,c,d; SS5H6b,c; SS5H7a

SPECIAL EVENT – American Indian & Gold Rush Focus!

PASSPORT TO THE WEST – (check back for 2018 dates)
Schedule your visit for this educational program on American Indian culture (Eastern Woodlands and Plains tribes) designed especially for school groups (grades 2-12)!  NEW THIS YEAR – we are adding a Gold Rush component (Georgia and California)! Demonstrations of pottery making and/or chair caning, spinning, chuck wagon cooking, American Indian flute construction and music, life at a trading post will fascinate students as they speak with demonstrators on their educational journey to the West! Presented jointly with the Bartow History Museum. For a full schedule of events, click here.

Passport to the West Student Field Trip Guide


My First Visit (Pre-K-K) 70 minutes – Animals or Cowboys of the West
Choose one of these topics as your focus for a first-time visit to an art museum! Learn about art through observation, discussion, and hands-on activities. Each student will create an original work of art and visit our interactive play area, Sagebrush Ranch! This program supports standards under Meaning and Creative Thinking, Contextual Understanding, Production, Assessment and Reflection, Connections.

 Booth Blazers  (grades 2-12)  2 hours – TEACHER FAVORITE!
This program highlights art throughout the Museum! See both traditional and contemporary artwork from the 1800’s to today featuring American Indians, cowboys, explorers, presidents, soldiers, and much more. Notable artists include Fredric Remington, Charlie Russell, Thomas Hart Benton, Maynard Dixon, and Andy Warhol.   Grades 2-5 includes a hands-on experience with an art project! So many standards we can’t list them all in this email!  In all grade levels, this program supports standards under Meaning and Creative Thinking, Contextual Understanding, Assessment and Reflection, Connections (and Production for grades 2-5).


Have a middle or high school Art Club?
Ask about special gallery experiences tailored to your needs (sketching in the galleries, exhibit and artist focused tours, art instruction with a focus on particular artists from Booth Permanent or Temporary Exhibitions, etc.).

Special Exhibitions
Throughout the year, Booth Museum rotates exhibitions in order to provide a well-rounded visitor experience. Exhibitions highlight photography*, sculpture, painting, and more!

STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Mathematics


Full STEAM Ahead Workshop grades (4–8) 90 minutes – 2 hours
Meets Next Generation Science Standards and Visual Arts Standards
This popular program incorporates 21st Century Learning Skills of Creativity, Collaboration, and Innovation. Students tour the Heading West Gallery to see a real stagecoach (primary source) and learn about its history; students then break into small teams and construct “working” stage coaches based upon their observation of the primary source and a limited number of supplies. Students learn the importance of teamwork and focus on the process of building a working wheel and axle system and carriage out of easy to find materials. The main objective — does your stagecoach roll? If not…back to problem solve with your team to figure it out! Stagecoach races end the program if time allows.

Click here to view/download the Teacher Resource Guide.

LANGUAGE ARTS/LITERACY – All programs support Visual Literacy!

Action in Art (grade K – 1)  2 hours
Using the artwork, students will exercise their skills of making predictions using exciting action and descriptive language! Compare and contrast the action they describe in the artwork, retell stories and make predictions of what will happen next. Learn to “read” a painting and a visit to Sagebrush Ranch, our interactive, educational play area, are also part of this program! Hands-on activities and interactive storytelling make this sure to please! ELAGSE1RL7, ELAGSE1W8, ELAGSE8SL1a, b, ELAGSE1SL1a,b,c;  ELAGSE1SLb

Click here to view/download the Connecting Art & Literacy Student Guide for Grades K-1.

Wild Ride (grades 2-3) 2 hours – TEACHER FAVORITE!
Explore stories through works of art including fables from diverse cultures, folktales/tall tales, and fairy tales.  Identify characters and lessons or moral of stories. ELAGSE2RL1, ELAGSE2RL2, ELAGSE2RL3, ELAGSE2SL3; ELAGSE3RL1, ELAGSE3RL2, ELAGSE3RL3, ELAGSE3SL3, ELAGSE2SL6

Click here to view/download the Connecting Art & Literacy Student Guide for Grade 2.

Click here to view/download the Connecting Art & Literacy Student Guide for Grade 3.

Story Detectives (grades 4-5) 2 hours 
By in-depth examination of selected artwork, identify and compare/contrast characters, settings and plots within various artworks. Includes inferences, analysis, and predictions regarding relationships or interactions. ELAGSE4RL1,2,3 ; ELAGSE4SL2,4, ELAGSE4SLA, ELAGSE4R11,12,15; ELAGSE4RL7; ELAGSE5RL2,3; ELAGSE5SL2,4; ELAGSE5SLA, ELAGSESR12,13; ELAGSE5R15,16,17

Click here to view/download the Connecting Art & Literacy Student Guide for Grades 4-5.


“The program fit perfectly with our standards about Native Americans and our standards relating to the Westward expansion of our country.” Powder Springs Elementary, grade 4

“The theme and activities helped bring what we are learning to life. Each station we visited was full of information.” Timothy Ministry Homeschool, grades 1 & 2

“The program was great! The kids enjoyed it and it was age-appropriate.” Cartersville Primary School, Kindergarten

“Our docent did a great job connecting the artwork so that students were able to make their learning concrete and give meaning to what they learned.” Hickory Hills Elementary, grade 4.

“This tour helped students connect facts from various times in American history.” Perimeter Christian School, grade 5

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