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Explore the American West through the paintings, sculptures and objects in Booth Western Art Museum’s collection. Spend time in the Civil War Gallery or the Carolyn & James Millar Presidential Gallery featuring portraits, notable facts and an original signed letter by each United States President.

Student tour programs are designed to meet Georgia Performance Standards and Common Core Standards in language arts, social studies and visual arts while engaging student’s critical and creative thinking skills. Discover the array of curriculum-based programs and field trip opportunities available to students throughout the year and take your students on a field trip they will always remember.

Student Cost:
$5.00 for students
$4.00 for Bartow, Cherokee and Forsyth county students
$6.00 for The Union Dissolved program*
$8.00 for parents / chaperones

My First Visit
This program is appropriate for Pre-K students and includes a visit to Sagebrush Ranch (75 minutes)
Children will delight in the wonders of the Booth Museum while discovering this exciting landmark in their community. This program is designed to target language, literacy, and creative development skills. Choose from 2 themes; Cowboys or Animals of the West for this fun-filled first visit to the art museum.

Cowboys, Indians and Art
This program is appropriate for Kindergarten and First Grade and includes a visit to Sagebrush Ranch (90 minutes)
Designed for young art lovers, this hands-on program introduces children to basic art concepts such as line, shape and color while enhancing their observation skills through developmentally appropriate activities designed around the Museum’s collection. For Cowboys, Indians and Art lesson plans, click here; for the Resource Packet, click here.

Presidents and Heroes 
This program is appropriate for Grades 3 – 12 (90 minutes)
This program provides students with a rare glimpse into the lives of the Presidents through the portraits and signed Presidential letters in the Booth’s collection. Through age appropriate gallery searches and hands-on activities, students discover a variety of notable facts about the Chief Executives from George Washington to Barack Obama. For Presidents and Heroes lesson plans, click here; for the Resource Packet, click here.

Westward Ho!
This program is appropriate for grades 4-5 (2 hours)
Journey to the west without leaving the south in this unique program focused on Westward Expansion. From Lewis & Clark and mountain men, to the settlers and ranchers who followed them, discover the rugged individuals who explored and settled the American West. Determine the impact westward expansion had on the lives of the Plains Indians and meet a cast of Western characters including cowboys, railroad workers and Buffalo Soldiers through a variety of hands-on gallery activities. For Westward Ho! lesson plans, click here; for the Resource Packet, click here.

The Union Dissolved – American Presidents and the Civil War
This program supports Georgia Performance Standards for Grades 5 and 8 (2 hours)
$6 for students*

From the Founding Fathers to Fort Sumter to Appomattox Court House, explore the Presidents, underlying causes, and major battles of the tragedy that was the Civil War. Through guided activities in the Presidential and Civil War galleries, exploration of Civil War camp life and a hands-on art activity, students become eyewitnesses to the unfolding drama that threatened to tear the nation apart. This program takes place at the Booth Western Art Museum and is jointly taught by the Bartow History Museum. A complete Teacher’s Guide with integrated activities is available when this program is booked. For The Union Dissolved – American Presidents and the Civil War lesson plans, click here; for the Resource Packet, click here.

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What’s the Story? Connecting Art and Literacy
Gallery lessons and hands-on activities developed around the narrative works in the Booth Museum ’s collection provide a wonderful and accessible way for students with different learning styles to enhance their reading and writing abilities. Developed by five extremely creative classroom teachers and museum education staff, the program meets Georgia Performance Standards in language arts, social studies and visual arts. Each student receives a What’s the Story activity booklet to take home.

Kindergarten – Building a Story: Parts, Pieces, and Predictions (90 minutes)
In the Kindergarten program the focus is on sequencing and making predictions. Using hands-on objects and participating in role-playing activities, students learn how to “read a painting” and make predictions about what might happen next. For What’s the Story? Building a Story: Parts, Pieces, and Predictions lesson plans, click here; for the Resource Packet, click here.

First Grade – Action in Art (2 hours)
Students are encouraged to use descriptive language to describe the action they see in artwork. Comparing and contrasting works of art motivates students to increase their use of exciting action words and descriptions. For What’s the Story? Action in Art lesson plans, click here; for the Resource Packet, click here.

Second Grade – Wild Ride (2 hours)
In the second grade program students participate in a variety of hands-on activities and discover the difference between Tall Tales, Fairy Tales and Legends. For What’s the Story? Wild Ride lesson plans, click here; for the Resource Packet, click here.

Third Grade – Where the Buffalo Roam (2 hours)
In this unique program, third grade students participate in docent led discussions about works of art that feature buffalo. Students learn to determine fact from opinion, identify cause-effect relationships and draw conclusions by looking at these beautiful works of art. For What’s the Story? Where the Buffalo Roam lesson plans, click here; for the Resource Packet, click here.

Fourth and Fifth Grade – Story Elements, Heroes & Villains (2 hours)
This program is suitable for both fourth and fifth grade. Students learn to “READ” selected works of art in the Museum’s collection and identify characters, setting and plot through lively discussions led by highly trained docents. For Fourth Grade lesson plans, click here; for the Fourth Grade Resource Packet, click here. For Fifth Grade lesson plans, click here; for the Fifth Grade Resource Packet, click here.

Grades 6-12 – Writing through Art (2 hours)
Instruction and activities help students write Poetry and Prose. Students learn to be careful observers as they incorporate their thoughts and reactions to the artwork by completing writing exercises related to what they see. Click here for more information about the Writing Through Art Literary Contest.

Booth Blazers: Grades 2 – 12 (90 minutes)
See the entire Museum in one visit! Start in the early 1800’s and blaze your way through the museum; head up the Missouri River, across the Rockies and all the way to the Pacific. Along the way, see both traditional and contemporary artwork featuring Native Americans, cowboys, explorers, presidents, soldiers, and much more!

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Full STEAM Ahead (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics)
Grades 6-8
How can art and science relate to each other? Find out in this art and artifact focused, docent-led program. Participate in group-based, hands-on activities while honing your design thinking skills.

Special School Day Events

Passport to the West: Grades 2 – 12
Thursday and Friday, October 20 and 21
$5.00 for students, $3.00 plus tax for adults, Free for classroom teachers; Includes Museum admission.
Enjoy riveting performances of “From East to West” by Native Americans, Laura Alcorn and Little Big Mountain. View full encampments of Southern Plains Comanche and Eastern Woodland Indians and learn the differences between tribes. Discover what Native American life was like from both the male and female perspective. Additional demonstrations of pottery making, blacksmithing, spinning, chuck wagon cooking, flint knapping, bee keeping, and life at a trading post will fascinate students as they take this educational journey to the West.

President’s Day at Booth Museum
Monday, February 20, 2017
10:00 am – 3:00 pm
$5.00 for students, $3.00 plus tax for adults; Includes Museum admissions.
This program is appropriate for Grades 2-12   
Each year, Booth Museum and Bartow History Museum partner together to present a program featuring one or more Presidents of the United States during the month of February.

What’s the Rush? Georgia, California and the Economics of the Gold that Connected Them
Friday, April 28, 2017
9:00 am – 2:00 pm
$5.00 for students, $3.00 plus tax for adults; Includes Museum admissions.
This program is appropriate for Grades K-8
Students will explore the history of both the Georgia Gold Rush and California Gold Rush on the Museum Festival Grounds and inside both Bartow History Museum and Booth Museum. This year will have an ECONOMICS focus for grades K-8! Enjoy living history presentations, pan for gold with both wet panning and dry panning stations, trade for goods at the expanded Trading Post, discover where gold was found, visit a boom town, and so much more!

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Teacher Comments


“The program fit perfectly with our standards about Native Americans and our standards relating to the Westward expansion of our country.” Powder Springs Elementary, grade 4

“The theme and activities helped bring what we are learning to life. Each station we visited was full of information.” Timothy Ministry Homeschool, grades 1 & 2

“The program was great! The kids enjoyed it and it was age-appropriate.” Cartersville Primary School, Kindergarten

“Our docent did a great job connecting the artwork so that students were able to make their learning concrete and give meaning to what they learned.” Hickory Hills Elementary, grade 4.

“This tour helped students connect facts from various times in American history.” Perimeter Christian School, grade 5