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Donating to the Collection & Appraisals

The Booth Museum accepts donations of artwork. Learn more about what the Booth Museum accepts and how to make a donation. If you have artwork in need of an appraisal, check here for resources that help.


The Booth Museum Research Library is a non-circulating reference library for Western American art, culture, and history. The Library also has small collections of reference materials on Civil War history, United States presidential history, and local history that support the collections of Booth Western Art Museum. The Library is available to museum visitors, students, researchers and the public Tuesday through Friday during Museum hours by appointment only.

Visitor and Research Information

Booth Western Art Museum Library functions as a reference library for Western American art, culture and history, Civil War history, and United States presidential history that supports the collections of Booth Western Art Museum.

The Museum Library is available for use by volunteers, museum visitors, students, researchers, and the public during Museum hours Tuesday through Friday (10:00 am to 5:00 pm) by appointment. Children are welcome to use the Library with adult supervision. For more information call 770-387-1300, e-mail, or see the customer service representative at the front desk.

All collections are non-circulating and may be used only within the Library.  To ensure the preservation of these irreplaceable materials, access to certain collections, such as rare books, manuscripts, photographs, and other archival materials, may be restricted, requiring submission of a Research Request Form (available at the Reference Desk). Library personnel will be happy to assist you with your research by retrieving requested materials. Please be considerate by using care with library materials and by complying with instructions of Library staff and regulations of the Museum.

General Book Collection

Books in the Library’s database can be located by using the Library’s public access computers.  Please ask Library personnel for assistance with the catalog.  The Library staff will be happy to assist you in locating books on shelves and in adhering to proper book handling guidelines.

Special Book Collection

Books not located on the open shelves in their proper place in the Library of Congress Classification System sequence may be shelved elsewhere because of condition, value, size, subject, or technical processing (indexing, repair, bindery, etc.). In addition to browsing the shelves, it is always best to refer to the database for a list of all cataloged books in the Library, including those that may be located in special sections.

Periodicals Collection

Periodicals include magazines, newspapers, and other serial publications available for browsing and research.  All holdings are listed in the Library’s database.  Current issues are displayed in the Library, and back issues are shelved alphabetically by title, then in chronological order.  Some bound periodicals may be shelved with subject collections.  The Library subscribes to many Western American Art and general art magazines, Civil War history magazines and museum publications.  Please see the Library staff for assistance in using the Periodical Collection.

Artist Files

This collection includes biographical information, exhibition announcements, pamphlets, and brochures documenting the work and exhibition record of individual artists.  Published exhibition catalogs that are too small in size, too fragile in condition, or too unusual in format to be shelved in the regular book collection can be found in these Artists’ Files.

Auction and Sales Catalogs

Art, antiques, and rare book catalogs from several auction houses (Christie’s, Sotheby’s, and others) are available for reference.  These catalogs are filed by auction house and date of auction.  There is no general subject index to this collection; most are accompanied by sales results.


The Manuscripts Collection includes movie scripts and transcripts of oral histories.

Multi Media/Lecture Videos

The Multimedia Collection includes programs on art and artists, as well as documentary films of programs and lectures at the Museum.  All videotapes, DVD’s and CD’s may be used in the Library.  Museum personnel, volunteers, or educators may check out certain videotapes.  Please see Library personnel for assistance.

Oral Histories

The Museum’s oral history collection is available to be viewed in the Library.  This collection includes artist interviews, among other things.

Acquisitions Policy

Gifts of books relating to the Library’s collecting scope are welcome.  Please see the Librarian for further information.  The Collections Committee will evaluate all potential donations to the Library and decide whether to approve or disapprove potential donations. Gifts to the Library may be tax deductible.


Photocopying is available for library users at a nominal charge.  The Library staff will be happy to make copies for you; materials that are at risk of damage because of their fragile condition may not be photocopied.  Federal copyright law places certain restrictions on photocopying.  The Booth Western Art Museum assumes no responsibility for copyright infringement by individual library users.

Internet access may be available for library visitors for general research.

Ask Our Librarian

To submit a question to the librarian, please include the following information: name, email address, telephone, and the question.  Please note any sources you have already tried, what types of materials you are looking for and the kind of project you are doing.  Submit your question to

We will get back to you within two working days with either an answer to your question or a request for clarification.  If you need more immediate assistance, please call 770-387-1300 and ask for Liz Gentry, our Librarian.