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Civil War The American Civil War was the greatest conflict in our nation’s history. In just four years, over three million men fought in over 10,000 places across the country and more than 600,000 died.

This tragic war has been a subject for artists since the first shots were fired at Fort Sumter in April 1861. Today artists such as Don Troiani, Mort Künstler, Rick Reeves, David Wright, J.N. Muir, and Brad Schmell continue to portray the war’s defining moments in stunning paintings and sculpture. They depict the heroism, glory and tragedy of this struggle of brother against brother.

The paintings hung in chronological order to help visitors understand the battles as they occurred.

Civil War Tour
Explore the War is Hell Gallery, painting by painting, learning of the people and the battles from both a local and regional perspective. For more information, click here.