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Western Galleries

American West Gallery
 American West Containing more than 100 traditional paintings and sculpture divided into four interpretive themes: The Karen & Joel Piassick Enduring Traditions Gallery, First Peoples, Colliding Cultures and Habitats & Inhabitants. Each theme showcases art related to an artistic topic or period in Western history. Visitors experience a 100 year overview of early Western art with examples of work by George Catlin, Charles M. Russell, Frederic Remington and the finest living Western artists. (For a short video about the American West Gallery, click here.)


The Cowboy Gallery
Cowboy Gallery The cowboy is one of the great heroic figures in American history.  His heyday lasted less than 30 years, but cowboys and cowgirls did not suddenly disappear when the West was fenced.  They continue to be an important part of Western culture as well as a compelling and picturesque subject for artists.  This gallery showcases the cowboy at work, rest and play in more than 35 paintings and sculptures. (For a short video about the Cowboy Gallery, click here.)


Faces of the West
 Faces Gallery View many of the unique faces of the West. This gallery includes the most varied range of art mediums in the museum as well as a number of female and African American artists. (For a short video about the Faces of the West Gallery, click here.)


Neva & Don Rountree Heading West
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Artwork in this gallery depicts some of the earliest people to head West – fur trappers and mountain men – as well as the stagecoaches and covered wagons that followed those same trails West in search of new opportunity. (For a short video about the Heading West Gallery, click here.)


The Modern West
 Modern West Gallery View the non-traditional side of the West through a cross section of the stylistic changes witnessed in Western art over the past 50 years.  Among the leaders in this movement were Native American artists Fritz Scholder, Allan Houser, and T.C. Cannon, all of whom are prominently featured in the gallery.  Contemporary trendsetters Thom Ross, Donna Howell-Sickles, David DeVary, Ed Mell, Nelson Boren, and many others are also well represented in the collection. (For a short video about the Modern West Gallery, click here.)


Sculpture Court
 Sculpture Court A signature feature of the museum is a two-story sculpture court featuring both traditional and contemporary style sculpture.  Eagle Catcher by Vic Payne is the focal point of the soaring space, surrounded by a floating staircase. Large scale works by Herb Mignery, Duane Hanson and others are located in this area. Lining the corridor adjacent to the sculpture court are all ten of the works in John Coleman’s Catlin-Bodmer Explorer Artists series. (For a short video about the Sculpture Court, click here.)


Mythic West
Mythic West Gallery View the many tall tales and larger than life figures that popularized the West through illustration in dime books, magazines and large vintage movie posters depicting many of the legendary movie stars who graced the silver screen as Western heroes. (For a short video about the Mythic West Gallery, click here.)


Native Hands
Native Objects Influencing many of the contemporary artists whose work is on exhibit at the Booth, are the geometric shapes and dramatic use of color found in Native American objects.  More than 200 of these artifacts complement the fresh images of enduring Western themes. (For a short video about the Native Hands exhibit, click here.)