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As a group of vibrant young philanthropists, the BYP is committed to driving education of the arts through community outreach and partnership with existing educational programs. Annually, ten thousand children benefit from the museum; it is our mission to increase this number through equitable and sustainable sponsorship of the youth of Georgia.

As a member of the BYP, you will be part of a strong network of young professional from the metro Atlanta area. The group offers a way to mingle with fellow young philanthropists, network professionally and support the arts.

Booth Western Art Museum has given us a unique opportunity to cultivate our philanthropic goals in a Smithsonian Affiliated Museum, boasting not only the largest permanent exhibition space for Western art in the country but also the second largest museum in the state of Georgia.  The BYP has its roots in the west, but eyes toward the future.

Be Part of Our Philanthropy

The BYP is committed to:

  • Promoting the education of the arts to Georgia’s youth, through the lens of Western art via Booth Western Art Museum and the Booth Art Academy
  • Encouraging teachers to provide students with a way to experience and learn about art
  • Providing a fun and interactive learning environment for children to see and participate in the creation of their own art and express themselves freely though the experience

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For BYP membership information, call 770-387-8613.