Booth Emerging Artists Guild


Booth Art Academy has developed a program that kicked-off in Fall 2012 called Booth Emerging Artists’ Guild (BEAG).  For young people ages 10 and up, BEAG offers young artists the opportunity to experiment with different techniques and mediums, continue their art education, connect with other artists, and have their work exhibited at Booth Art Academy.  Art classes for this age group are often limited to drawing, painting, and pottery.  While we are not abandoning these types of classes, BEAG provides a wider variety of classes involving less traditional techniques.  Our hope is that BEAG becomes a place where young people discover exciting new ways to express themselves and realize that their hobby can be the beginning of an exciting career.

Membership in BEAG is free when you register for a BEAG class. For more information, contact Kent Mullinax at (770) 387-1553.