December 28, 2004 – February 11, 2005 – Special Exhibition Gallery
Arts for the Parks

Features the top artwork chosen at the annual art show that raises funds for the National Parks system.

December 7, 2004 – January 30, 2005– Borderlands Gallery
Recent Paintings by Hubert Wackerman

Features paintings of Native Americans by West German-born artist Hubert Wackerman. For more than three decades Wackerman has traveled North America in search of new subjects. He paints in a wide variety of media.

December 7, 2004 – January 30, 2005 – Borderlands Gallery
Recent Sculptures by John Rutan

Features artwork by artist John Rutan, whose work is inspired by his Montana roots. Philosophically, Rutan’s work is about the ‘everyman’s’ struggle to survive, define who he is, and how he belongs in the world. Artistically, Rutan is concerned with the depth and exploration of color, and compositional balances.

October 10 – December 12, 2004 – Special Exhibition Gallery
Selling the Sizzle: The Art of Movie Posters

Features a large number of Western movie posters from the Booth Museum’s collection, as well as some of the original oil paintings made for the posters.

August 10 – October 10, 2004- Borderlands Gallery
Polaroid Transfers by Jodie Sinclair

Features Polaroid transfers with Southwestern landscapes by Boston photographer, Jodie Sinclair. Using a Polaroid land camera and type 669 Polaroid camera, she peels the paper back after a few seconds of exposure, allowing the dyes to transfer to a piece of watercolor paper.

August 10 – October 10, 2004 – Borderlands Gallery
Recent Sculptures by Jim Ford

Features bronze sculptures by Colorado artist, Jim Ford. Ford’s work combines a love for the figure, prose, and ethnic diversity. Many of his subjects are Native American.

August 1 – September 26, 2004 – Special Exhibition Gallery
West by Southwest

Features 62 paintings from the Museum of the Southwest in Midland, Texas. The exhibition focuses primarily on the art of the Taos Society of Artists including works by Berninghaus, Blumenschein, Couse, Dunton, Hennings, Higgins, Phillips, Sharp and Ufer.

Spring 2004 – Borderlands Gallery
Recent Works by Steve Penley

Features Atlanta artist Steve Penley with artwork covering Presidents, cowboys, and Civil War figures. Penley’s style has elements of pop-art, photo-realism, and abstraction elements to create a dynamic and unique works of art in an unmistakable style that is entirely his own.

March 14 – July 25, 2004- Special Exhibition Gallery
The Other Side of the West: Recreating the American West

Features fresh views of the West from contemporary artists such as Nelson Boren, Billy Schenck, David DeVary, J. E. Knauf, and others.

Winter 2004 – Borderlands Gallery
Recent Works by Dee Venzer

Features more than two dozen paintings by Dee Venzer. Her portraits express the pride the individual has in his or her heritage and the value of the differences often combining past and present images to link yesterday and today. Venzer’s subjects include cowboys, Native Americans, and still-life paintings of cowboy gear.

January 4 – February 22, 2004 – Borderlands Gallery
Greetings From New Mexico

Features artwork from New Mexico from the 1910s and 1920s.

January 4 – February 22, 2004 – Borderlands Gallery
Return to Route 66: Photographs From the Road by Shellee Graham

Features photographs of landmarks along Route 66 by photographer Shellee Graham.